Inspired by the richness of traditional Italian leather, this leather is full grain with a vegetable tanned and oiled technique applied to achieve the beautiful and saturated colors.

Each piece of leather used by our craftsmen is unique; the natural markings, and slight inconsistencies in color and texture are part of the individuality of this fine leather. 

We love how this natural leather takes on a beautiful and worn in look over time. Vintage leather is the most popular leather in the Tignanello brand.



Tignanello has been using the same smooth "glove" leather since the start, in 1989. This is a staple leather for our brand, and is extremely soft and supple.

Any color takes beautifully to this leather, and our customer reaches for styles in this leather when she wants an extra touch of sophistication added to her wardrobe!

Our design team likes to use this beautiful smooth leather in our more feminine styles, and slouchy silhouettes. 


Tried and true, our soft milled pebble is the workhorse of the leather selection at Tignanello. The hand feel is soft, with a slight medium grain of pebbled texture. 

This leather is most popular in our core silhouettes, especially for no-fuss everyday crossbodies. This leather is durable, and super easy to keep clean!

We love seeing beautiful metallic colors in this leather, since the texture offers a subtle high and low that gives the metallic color a gorgeous luster.